The New Very Expensive Notebook!

The thing I worry about most as we move into this digital age is that as educators we use the computer as an expensive notebook/textbook in the classroom! I know this is what worries me the most as I am preparing lessons. It is so easy to have kids open up the computer and use the lower levels of the SAMR model. As more is added to the job loads for teachers it will be easier to just rely on the basics since we don’t have time to plan for lessons that reach the higher levels of the SAMR Model.

I found a great model on the Emerging Tech website that is actually very helpful. The writers share not only a lesson but the lesson and how it would be taught at different levels within the SAMR model. There is also a video that is helpful. I keep finding these wonderful sites and feel like I understand the model, but without time to implement these ideas to make lessons that are reflective of the higher levels of the model I feel I will fall short. This isn’t acceptable, but I worry about it all of the time.

I would really appreciate ideas about how you are all using the SAMR model to drive instruction in all subject areas. What has worked and what hasn’t. Do you have any ideas that would help me in Science! Looking forward to great conversations!


5 Replies to “The New Very Expensive Notebook!”

    1. I can tell!! Thanks so much, I really appreciate your hard work. Seeing the levels really helped me to understand the model better! I am looking forward to sharing your work with my coworkers!


    1. Michelle, I have used this tool to help me guide my instruction. I have to be honest though I often use the easier route. I think it is why I appreciated the examples given on the site!


  1. Sonya,
    I have yet to learn much about the SAMR model but thank you for providing the resource. As I was reading through, I was reflecting on my own teaching and seeing where the technology usage in my class falls in regards to the model. In language arts, if I do say so myself, the students are performing at the “Redefinition” level. We give students choice in the type of product they produce for various assignments, and the multimedia platforms we have the students use enhance the overall production. At the same time, in math, I’m really struggling to find ways to incorporate technology at a level higher than “Substitution” or “Augmentation”. I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of resources, the structure of the content, or the standards being addressed, but I am also looking for and open to suggestions!
    Thank you for opening my eyes to a new idea. I am hopeful that once we are 1:1, the resources continue to pour in and us math and science people start gaining some insight!



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